Review of CTF 2019

The 16th China International Tire & Wheel and Rubber Technology (Qingdao) Fair 

Date: April 9-11, 2019
Venue:Qingdao International Convention Center -- Hall 1, Hall 2 and Hall 3

Show Area:60,000 sq m
Number of Exhibitor: 550 companies, from 28 countries and districts
Number of Visitor: 33,654 professional visitors( 3,376 visitors from 83 districts and countries) during the 3 days  

The exhibition was successfully held under the support of Shandong Rubber Industry Association, Qingdao Jinnoc International Expo Co., Ltd, exhibitors, visitors and media partners. The on site deal was up to RMB 14 Billion during the 3 days’ exhibition.
Star exhibitors of tire and wheel halls:
Triangle Tire, Linglong Tire, Century Tire, Prinx Chengshan, Double-star, Wanda Boto, Fengyuan Rubber, Xingyuan Tire, Hengfeng Rubber, Yinbao Tire, Haohua Tire, Dicastal Wheel, etc.
Star exhibitors of rubber technology halls:
The exhibitors of rubber technology exhibition area carried star products and latest technologies to the exhibition, such as RFID tire electronic label and its manufacturing method of MESNAC、 rubber injection machine of Dongyu and Xinjinli、CV series of Xishuangbanna Gukeli. There were more than 320 brand enterprises also participating in the expo which includes Huahan、Gotech、Shijin、Aode、Gulian、Shangshun、Shuangli、Lord Chemical、Xibang、Ruiweng、Lanxing、Rubber6、Ammeraal and etc. We have received 18512 person-times professional visitors.
Analysis of Exhibitors 
The 16th China International Tire and Wheel(Qingdao) Fair and The 16th China International Rubber Technology Fair attracted 362 domestic exhibitors and 182 overseas exhibitors from 27 countries. The gross booth number was 1862 and the overseas area( Germany, Japan, USA, Italy, Korea, France, UK, Hong Kong, Taiwan) increased by 28% than last year.
Voice from the exhibitors:
Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd
We have had deep negotiations with market customers from Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Chile, Serbia and other countries, and have signed the expected sales order which is expected to be 80 container.
Qingdao Xincheng Yiming Rubber&Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Our equipment is very popular and we have basically signed more than 4 million intended contract during this exhibition.
Zhangjiagang TomTire Co.,Ltd.
This exhibition has attracted a lot of attention from overseas purchasers which includes New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia and some developed countries, and some interested orders have been reached. We have gained a lot in the exhibition.
Gotech Testing Machine Inc
This time, we came to the exhibition and were able to negotiate with our new and old customers. We also received some good comments.We have gained a lot which includes meeting some new customers and achieving some intended orders during the exhibition. 
Analysis of Visitors(part)

Country Delegates Country Delegates
America 56 Myanmar 16
Korea 90 Egypt 28
Hong Kong 34 Thailand 14
Russia 56 Sweden 6
Taiwan 68 Mexico 14
India 58 Poland 10
Japan 44 Vietnam 14
Canada 28 Sri Lanka 5
Malaysia 33 Turkey 12
Singapore 42 Argentina 3
Italy 19 Albania 3
Saudi Arabia 34 Finland 4
Germany 38 Brazil 14
UAE 34 Indonesia 17
South Africa 17 Ethiopia 3
Philippine 25 Iran 18
France 38 Cambodia 21
Ukraine 11 Serbia 2
UK 24 Israel 6
Jordan 22 Qatar 9
Pakistan 26 Spain 11
Algeria 17    
Bangladesh 16    
Australia 11    

Voice from Visitors
I am from Yemen, and this is the second time that I came to Visit Qingdao exhibition. It’s always very good, and I think it is even much better than last time. I came here to look for PCR tire, TBR tire, and wish every one good luck.

This exhibition I think is very good, and this is my fourth or fifth visit of such kind of exhibitions. It’s good! I like it! For me, I am from Russia, and Russia is now a well-opened country for the tire business of TBR, truck tire and OTR. Have a good time and enjoy it!

I am from Australia, and I came to the expo and find it very interesting. The people are very nice and we are here to find forklift tires. I will try my Chinese “Cha Che” if that works. I will try to find particular size, but we haven’t found it in the show. We have spent here for a very short time, but it is very good!

I am from Yemen, and my opinion of the expo is very nice. We are looking for tires for cars and buses, and motors.

I am the General Manager of CB Rains Company, and I am from Afghanistan, This is the first time that I came to the Qingdao Tire Fair, actually I know your exhibition from Jinnoc Expo, and It’s very good. I am looking for different modes for motorcycle, and also some PCR tires.

I am from Mexico, and I am looking for PCR tires. I really like the fair, herein Qingdao. Very professional! I enjoy my journey here and I have a great experience.

I am from Poland, and I just arrived at the show. So I am not able to tell you too much about the fair, but it looks very interesting for me. I am looking for PCR tires for our company. I hope I can find some interesting brand during the show.

We are from Canada, and we are here to look for PCR tires and OTR tires, and the expo is very good. The first day, lots of people are showing up, and I think it should be a success.

It’s a good exhibition, lots of tire manufacturers we met up and downstairs and we have just talked to lots of our exhibitors around now. We hope the exhibition is very good.  

We are looking at so many brands here in the expo. We’ve attended from last three years, and this is a very good information.

I came from Dubai. We have business there. We are looking for tires, and for long time, we are using Chinese tires. To do a search of good brand, so I came here. This exhibition is so good, and so useful for us actually. We have searched and we have found one or two brand tires of good quality. I am very happy to come here!
Rubber Fair Part 

Whether you will attend next year? 57.80%
To purchase products or equipment 19.20%
To join forum 9.10%
To get procurement information 20.60%
Need to find agent 15.60%
Market survey 25.40%
others 10.10%

The 16th China International Tire and Wheel(Qingdao) Fair and the 16th China International Rubber Technology Fair was successfully held under the support from all media partners: Shandong TV, Phoenix Net, Tencent Video, Qingdao Daily News, made-in-China, GM Indonesia, Asia Briefing, Africa Details, IIRJ, Trade Fair TV, IM B2B, Automotive technology, Autoexpo Africa, Rubber Chem Review, Taiwan Tools Magazine, etc.
The 17th China International Tire and Wheel (Qingdao) Fair and the 17th China International Rubber Technology(Qingdao) Fair will be held on April 9-11, in Qingdao International Convention Center, and we warmly welcome you to join us!